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The 1998 season video suffers from the same irritating commentary that spoils the 1997 review. Again, all the races are covered in the same bland fashion, delivered as if the action is occurring live.

However, there’s good race footage and extra material in abundance, including plenty of driver and team principal interviews, mini-features and plenty of information on the substantial regulations changes that were made that year.

The 1998 season was not too short on excitement either, with some memorable shunts (Canada, Spa), incidents (Argentina, Spa again) and a down-to-the-wire championship battle. But the commentary is a massive turn-off and really spoils the repeat viewing potential – even for the truly committed fan.

Best bit: The entire Belgian Grand Prix, from the huge start-line crash to Michael Schumacher’s run-in with David Coulthard to Damon Hill’s crazy victory leap.

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  1. It annoys me how they never put Murray Walker and Martin Brundles commentary on any of the reviews. The commentary on the reviews ruin what I remember so much good racing which is spoilt by bad choice commentary reviews with the dvd/VHS.

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