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Michael Schumacher second championship win did not always make for riveting viewing.

But there were some controversial clashes with Damon Hill (Britain, Italy) and a few truly excellent races (Belgium, Europe).

The 1995 video, like the 1994 one, represents a significant step forward in the level of detail provided by the FOCA reviews, especially in terms of covering the action lower down the field. Race highlights are interspersed with relevant and interesting featurettes.

The incidental music remains downright awful though, and the commentary is dull at best.

The simmering Schumacher-Hill rivalry makes for great viewing, even if it rapidly becomes very one-sided. But it does showcase some of Schumacher’s very best drives.

Best bit: Hill’s bold, if optimistic, lunge at Schumacher at Priory bend at Silverstone that pitched both drivers into the gravel. He repeated the feat at Monza…

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4 comments on ““He did it his way” – 1995 F1 season review video”

  1. Surely one of the best moments was seeing Jean Alesi win his only grand prix win. A great memory for me as he was one of my favourite drivers to watch. I don’t think this review is all that dull, there’s quite a few good races. One or two boring ones I grant you, but there are good opportunities to see Schumacher’s genius in the second-best car on the track (as you said, the European grand prix). The Hill-Schumacher rivalry is well documented, with some interesting post-race interviews shown,like after the Belgian GP where Hill made no bones about the fact he felt angry about Schumachers tactics. But Schumachers answer to that is interesting that he felt it was safe as they weren’t going all that fast, and Imust say, as you watch the incident, he doesn’t push Hill THAT far off the track. The commentary isn’t altogether inspiring, but it isn’t dull and the features on wet-weather experts is interesting and Taki Inoue’s various excursions is quite funny, though it is disappointing that his collisions with a medical car isn’t shown. All-in-all, a fairly good review, and one I could watch again.

  2. The one thing about this video is that in some features, it tells us whats going to happen in the next few races. Which is rather annoying.

    One plus point is the little video of Taki Inoues season :)

  3. i still to this day have the original vhs video’s 1981 . 2006. The rest I brought on blu ray DVD. My favourite is the 1989 season review. What’s yours?

  4. This is the first review I bought. I still have the original VHS! It is my favourite. I’m a massive Schumacher fan and this season shows his emergence not just as the best on the grid but one of the all-time greats. His amazing drives at Spa and the Nurburgring will live long in the memory. The video has so much detail and I love the features “Schumacher v Hill”, the overview of Coulthard, Herbert and Alesi after their secure their first wins, the bit on wet weather driving, Benetton’s excellent strategies etc. It’s a very long review and I love the build-up to the season when we have a good intro to all the teams and drivers. 1995 is one of my favourite seasons.

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