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The 2001 review video is exceptionally bad, especially given that the 2001 DVD review (which is very hard to find) is pretty good, and they both have the same material to work from.

The video has the same flaws that many others from this era have: the commentary is faintly ridiculous and there is to be too much time given over to ‘interest’ material about where the races are held.

On occasions, you feel like you’re watching the travel shopping channel.

The editing is obtrusive and amateurish. Heavy-handed use of incidental music compromises the quality of the production, and major incidents (like the Jacques Villeneuve-Ralf Schumacher crash in Melbourne) is spliced with endless before-and-after shots.

I doubt an accident that killed a driver, rather than ‘just’ a marshall, would be treated quite so frivolously.

For a contemporary review, this is insultingly bad. There weren’t even that many good races.

In its defence, there is some good footage of the battles further down the field as well as the action at the front.

Best bit: Juan Pablo Montoya’s move on Michael Schumacher at Interlagos – a star is born.

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2 comments on ““What a Class Act” – 2001 F1 season video review”

  1. I’m currently watching this video, for only the second time and the first time in about 12 years. Half an hour in – and still only on race two – it feels like I’ve been watching for half my life, and I can only add my support to the review above.

    The coverage of the accident in Australia is frankly disgusting. A lingering build-up with dramatic music to emphasize the seriousness of the crash could perhaps have been excused if the video were to omit the accident itself, but after the build-up we are shown the carnage in its full “glory” – I say “glory”, because the coverage seems to positively revel in the incident, with shots of the ambulance driving slowly away afterwards adding further insult.

  2. Are you serious? The 2001 season review is by far the best one I’ve seen. It’s one of the very few reviews that really tells the story of the season – unlike the reviews after 2004.

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