Villeneuve out, Davidson in?

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Autosport and ITV-F1 are talking up BAR’s hotshoe tester Anthony Davidson again, this time as a replacement for 1997 champion Jacques Villeneuve at Sauber. Neither BAR nor Sauber have confirmed the rumour. Davidson is clearly more deserving of a race seat than a substantial number of F1 drivers, but in spite of this and the fact that Villeneuve’s debut race for Sauber was distinctly underwhelming, it seems doubtful that Sauber would want to dump their star driver (and the only ex-champion in F1 aside from Michael Schumacher) quite so early on. If Villeneuve hasn’t gotten his act together before the teams roll up in Imola for the first European round of the season, Sauber could do a lot worse than jettison Villeneuve for Davidson.

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