“Mansell v. Senna” (1991 season video)

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The Front Runner videos use the same Formula One Constructor’s Association (FOCA) footage as the official reviews do, but the tapes are usually shorter. At a scant 60 mins for 16 races, the 1991 review is no exception.

However it does pack a fairly thorough review of the season into this single hour. There’s no lingering pre-race shots of the surrounding countryside, or much in the way of interviews with the drivers, instead you just get the action from the races. Unfortunately 1991 was especially action-packed as seasons go, so for a few races it feels like you just get a shot of the start, a few retirements, a few pit stops and the finish.

There are some events worthy of note though – Mansell’s fine drive in France, Senna’s first home win and a thrillingly wet/dry race in Spain – the first use of the Barcelona circuit. The movements behind the scenes go largely unrecorded, including Alain Prost’s acrimonious departure from Ferrari.

On balance the short video and bland, if inoffensive, commentary means this doesn’t do justice to the entire season, but is a worthy, succinct review for those with shorter attention spans.

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