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Rubens Barrichello’s move to BAR was confirmed today, meaning that either under-fire Takuma Sato or potentially Williams-bound Jenson Button will be out of the Brackley team next year. Barrichello will start his 14th F1 season with his fourth team, and the multi-year deal will take him up until at least the end of 2007.

Barrichello’s move may have been prompted by a number of potentially intriguing developments. It may have emerged that Michael Schumacher intends to remains at Ferrari well beyond 2006, and Barrichello does not wish to see out his F1 career without a worthwhile shot at the championship. Or Ferrari may have already lined up a high-profile replacement for Schumacher (Kimi Raikkonen?) for 2007. Or perhaps Honda have convinced Barrichello that their bid for wins will move forward after they take control of the team next year.

Or he he may have just made a considerable misjudgement.

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