Coulthard: “Rubens isn’t serious”

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We’re often quick to criticise modern Formula One drivers for being uncontroverial and boring, at least compared to the likes of straight-talking James Hunt and Alan Jones. But hearing David Coulthard being interviewed on ITV’s Formula One 2005 season review programme (ITV, January 1st) was a breath of fresh air.

Sat alongside fellow F1 Briton Jenson Button and interviewed by Martin Brundle, Coulthard questioned Button’s team mate Rubens Barrichello’s commitment to Honda and F1 by spending winter in Brazil instead of being with the team. He later disagreed with Button’s refusal to start the Indianapolis Grand Prix without being ordered not to by his team – Coulthard claimed he would have started the race even knowing that a high-speed tyre failure was a near-inevitability for him.

All of which was a damn sight more interesting than Kimi Raikkonen’s monosyllabic grunts…

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