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The Williams-Cosworth FW28 revealed at grove today is good enough to win races claims Patrick Head, echoing the teams confident stance throughout winter testing despite the loss of engine partner BMW. Curiously the FW28’s dark blue-and-white paint scheme appears like an inverse of BMW’s white-and-blue car, but it’s the aerodynamic detailed shrouded in the colours that is most interesting.

The front wing features a high-mounted element quite different from that seen on many other cars. At the rar of the car the ‘shrink-wrapping’ around the V8 engine is very evident, with sharp lines marking the extra elements of bodywork that have to be fitted to fonrm with minimum dimension requirements.

Williams also unveiled Narain Karthikeyan as second test driver to Alexander Wurz, and the Tata sponsorship he brings with him. But the plain white sidepods seem to scream “Your ad here” and it remains to be seen how hard BMW’s departure has hit the team financially.

Williams-Cosworth launch 2006

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