R26 ready for Renault’s title defence

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For the first time since 2000, a Formula One car other than a Ferrari bears the coveted number one on its nose cone. Fernando Alonso has already been behind the wheel of the R26 this year, but today saw the formal presentation of the car complete with its 2006 colour scheme.

Speculation is rife that, with Alonso off to McLaren for 2007 and CEO Carlos Ghosn outspokenly cynical about the marketing benefits of the Formula One, Renault will not remain in the sport much longer. Given that, for the fifth year in which the new team has run, the car’s predominant coloour is Mild Seven blue rather than Renault’s corporate yellow, you have to question whether they are making the best use of the marketing potential Formula One offers anyway. Why not brand the car properly like the classic ’79 turbo Renault (below)?

Jean-Pierre Jabouille, Renault, 1979

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