Why is Max Mosley slating A1 Grand Prix?

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“In the end what (the fans) like to watch is the big names…That is the things the teams often forget, you could run some quite ordinary cars and still have the public.” Max Mosley criticised A1 Grand Prix thus earlier this week, criticising the series for not boasting enough top-line names to be able to compete with Formula One.

But why criticise the series? Does he genuinely feel it threatens Formula One’s place as the most popular form of motorsport? Could he perhaps be a little jealous of the quality of racing A1 has provided in its first season? But most of all, as someone whose job is to promote motorsport, why on earth is he slagging it off in public?

He also criticised the presence of teams from countries that lack motor racing heritage, then went on to suggest later this week suggested that Formula One’s next new venue couid be India.

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