Mosley in overdrive on future formulae

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In recent days FIA president Max Mosley has given all kinds of signals about how Formula One could look in the future including:

  • Preventing manufacturers from receiving F1 revenues to protect independent entries (F1Talk)
  • Insisiting the Grand Prix Manufacturers’ Association (GPMA) rebel teams sign up to Formula One from 2008 by April (The Formula 1 Blog)
  • Promoting and relegating teams between F1 and GP2 in line with their performance (Linksheaven Formula One Blog)
  • De-restricting engine type and size, but stipulating a maximum fuel limit (Fastmachines)

Now, a lot of this may well just be Mosley pulling ideas out of the sky as he is wont to. The promotion/relegation idea, for example, is totally unfeasible at the moment. But it may give a hint to his thinking – that Formula One should become less prohibitively expensive so that smaller motor racing teams may approach it more easily.

He remarks on controlling engine power via a fuel restriction are quite laudable – to give a genuinely technical incentive to participate in motorsport, improve fuel efficiency and counter the assertion that environmentally responsible motoring equals poor performance.

This, like the safety work he has recently been commended for, is exactly what the FIA should be doing (rather than undermining fledgling series in their debut seasons.)

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