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The Daily Telegraph are reporting that the plans to renovate Silverstone are causing alarm among British Racing Drivers’ Club (BRDC) members. New developer St. Modwen’s proposals include:

  • Building residential homes on part of the site
  • Changing parts of the circuit to accommodate new buidings, which may require reprofiling Club, Abbey and Bridge


Although the article raises the alarm over the changes to the circuit, it seems the famous Copse and Becketts corners would be left untouched, which is good news.

The axing of the fans’ favourite circuit, Spa-Francorchamps, from the calendar earlier this month, is a reminder that merely being an excellent circuit is apparently not enough to retain a place in Formula One. The FIA have stated that they are not intending to replace the missing race with an alternative round, despite an apparent offer from the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, who Jacarepagua circuit last held a Grand Prix in 1989.

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