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HeadlineChampion Alonso off to flyer in Bahrain
Page72-73 of 80, plug on back cover
They say“Jenson, don’t you like champagne?”
We sayNice synopsis of top ten drivers. Cartoons not their strong point.

HeadlineAlonso never holds firm in desert duel with Schumacher
Page72 of 84
They say“Just in case anyone was churlish enough to suggest that Fernando Alonso got a bye last season… the Spaniard staged a brilliant demonstration of cool nerve yesterday to beat [Schumacher] fair and square.”
We sayBest write-up this week. Shame about the dull monochrome pictures.

HeadlineAlonso puts an early squeeze on Schumacher
Page14 of 20 (sports section)
They say“The German had been slightly handicapped by losing one lap’s top-up fuel credit in qualifying.”
We sayThere’s a perfect argument against the fuel credit system, then. Brilliant picture of Alonso passing Schumacher.

HeadlineShaky start for Button
Page30 and 32 of 32 (sports section)
They say“The major stakeholders in F1 have spent an age wrangling over the future of the sport. This race convinced the only constituency that really matter, the fans, that the future is bright.”
We sayHear, hear.

HeadlineKICKED IN THE CLUTCH: Dodgy motor blows Button bid for glory
Page54-55 of 60
They say“Move of the day: Rookie Nico Rosberg, 20, feinted to the left before darting down the right of Christian Klien’s Red Bull.”
We sayNice review, predictably Button-centric, typically painful headline! Ignored Massa, though.

HeadlineEff 1 Driver: Grand Prix ace in TV swearing rant
Unbelievabull: Matador Alonso struts as he pips Schuey in desert stormer
Page7 and 53 of 56
They say“TV chiefs apologised yesterday after Formula One ace Giancarlo Fisichella turned the air blue during the Bahrain Grand Prix”
We sayWho gives a f***?

Page78 of 88
They say“Just as important is how Button will respond psychologically. It is 101 and counting.”
We sayThat’s the Daily Mail school of supporting British sportspeople for you.

HeadlineButton starting over
Page62-63 of 72
They say“When [the] race came, poor Jenson Button still found himself like Joe Bloke in his souped-up old banger stuck at traffic lights.”
We sayWhy did they pick a photograph that makes it look like Schumacher won?

HeadlineAlonso off to perfect start with Bahrain win
Page58 of 64, plug on front cover
They say“The three extra laps and the subsequent need for less fuel gave Alonso a quicker pit stop”
We sayA bit dull. Bagged a Liuzzi interview – shame he didn’t say anything interesting.

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