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We said we wanted The Secret Diary of Michael Schumacher, aged 37. Well, we very nearly got it!

Ferrari have launched three blogs on their Ferrari World website, including one by new driver Felipe Massa. The blog doesn’t appear to be available as a feed yet, which is a shame, because his feedback on his Bahrain Grand Prix spin should make good reading…

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2 comments on “Ferrari launch Massa blog”

  1. what happened between mclaren hamilton and alonso is alonso getting sacked

  2. Felipe Massa,venho atraves desse blog manifestar toda solidariedade e carinho respeito,que nos Brasileiros temos por voce.
    Acredito muito em Deus e ele vai ti curar.
    Em breve voce estara nas pistas novamente.
    Fica com Deus repolse em Paz.

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