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David Coulthard, Red Bull-Cosworth, Sepang, 2005ITV will not be showing the qualifying session for this weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix live on terrestrial television, despite the action taking place early in the morning in Britain. The qualifying session will be screened from 5.30am-7.15am, but only on the digital channel ITV3. ITV1 will carry a tape-delayed replay of qualifying at 1.10pm, and the live race at 6am on Sunday.

On Saturday morning ITV1 will instead show “ITV Early Morning News” and children’s TV programmes, “Boobah”, “Pocoyo”, “Fun Song Factory”, “Jo Jo’s Circus” and “Dora the Explorer.” Bernie Ecclestone was not available for comment on whether he approves of his multi-billion dollar sport being pre-empted for toddler television.

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