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HeadlineFisichella home and dry in Malaysia
They say“Fernando Alonso, the world champion, left here last night leading this season’s title race after finishing second but he now knows that he has a challenger under his own roof.”
We sayToo early to put any money on Fisichella just yet.
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HeadlineFisichella leads home Renault one-two
They say“Ferrari lost their edge in Malaysia. Michael Schumacher found his two-stop strategy inferior to upcoming team-mate Felipe Massa’s single stop and had to follow the Brazilian home in sixth place.”
We sayWhat was more remarkable – Ferrari’s difficulties or Massa being allowed to stay ahead of Schumacher?
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HeadlineFlying Fisichella leaves Button flat out in his wake
They say“[Ferrari] was the critical point of attention on Sunday morning with threats of a protest because of the alleged flexibility of its front and rear wings.”
We sayThe only write-up to get to grips with the Ferrari wings saga.
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HeadlineFisichella shows Button the way
They say“For the second successive week [Kimi Raikkonen] was undone by a suspension failure. On the positive side, Christian Klien, of Red Bull, and not a McLaren component was the culprit.”
We saySomehow I doubt that cheered him up.
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HeadlineFisi’s victory tears
They say“He turned the air blue with a foul-mouthed outburst when forced to retire in the season opener in Bahrain. But his words were filled with sadness after this win.”
We sayAre they still going on about the swearing? No-one cared then, no-one cares now.
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HeadlineFool Speed ahead
They say“The Frome Flyer [Jenson Button] blamed Toro Rosso’s Speed for wrecking his chances.”
We sayHeadline of the week! Good nickname work, too.
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HeadlineFisichella wins in Malaysia
They say“Kimi Raikkonen’s title hopes took a blow when he crashed out on lap one with damage to the rear of his McLaren, apparently caused by contact from behind.”
We saySounds like someone wasn’t paying attention.
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HeadlineFisichella win steers Renault to one-two
They say“Jenson Button admitted his car simply ‘isn’t as fast as the Renault… I’ve got an idea where we’re losing out to them but I’m going to keep that to myself.”
We sayIt’s probably worth noting that Button said that in the post-race press confidence and it’s not something he’s going to be keeping from his team…
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