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Jenson Button, Honda, Sepang, 2006The Daily Telegraph are taking a swipe at Formula One in an anonymous ‘Mike the money’ column. The contributor claims to have talked Hyundai boss Chung Mong Koo out of starting an F1 team in the 1990s and takes a pop at various drivers over their salaries including British driver Jenson Button:

The serial English loser known as Jenson Button (raced 101/lost 101) [is] on about ???4.2m… Despite a miserable six wins in 146 races over nearly a decade, the underwhelming Ralf Schumacher makes an inexplicable ???11.9m a year.

The sources of the figures are not quoted, but it looks like a rehash of last month’s F1 Racing survey. Do you think F1 drivers are overpaid? What do you think of the Hyundai claim? Post a comment and let us know…

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