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Ralf Schumacher & Rubens Barrichello, Melbourne, 2002In this week’s issue of F1Fanatic:

The reign of the Regie

The Malaysian Grand Prix marked the first one-two finish for the modern Renault team. We take a look at how the first Renault team failed in their quest to life the championship trophies. [read more]

Australian Grand Prix preview

For the first time Albert Park is not hosting the first Grand Prix of the year – it’s been bumped back to third due to the Commonwealth Games. Now that the sand pits and frisbees (OK, ‘disci’) have been tidied away it’s time for a truly international sporting competition. [read more]

Editorial: Trouble waiting in the wings

Formula One 2006 definitely looks the part then doesn’t it? Renault, Honda, Ferrari and McLaren all within a few tenths of each other, some fascinating inter-team battles and a spellbinding new rookie. What we definitely don’t need now is another Indianapolis. But the FIA might have to tread delicately to avoid one. [read more]

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