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Ferrari launched their Felipe Massa Blog nearly two months ago now. And it’s rubbish.

For starters, the blog reads no different to your standard press releases – the usual bland quotes (“we will be working hard”…”I reckon things went prety well”), very little detail at all about life behind the scenes at Ferrari, and nothing whatsoever to persuade you that this isn’t just ghostwritten by some public relations executive.

Nor does it obey any of the standard blogging conventions – there’s no comments facility, so no feedback from any readers and so nothing like the kind of rapport between author and audience that you get on a really good blog (which I would also like to develop here!)

I don’t wish to have a go at Ferrari alone, because this is just one example of many ways in which Formula One fails miserably to interact with its fan base. It stretches from the invisibility of the drivers at race weekends to the lack of video material on the Formula One website. In 2006, this just isn’t good enough.

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2 comments on “Worst. Blog. Ever.”

  1. What do you think of Renault’s blog? Personally, I find it far more interesting that Ferrari’s, but I still don’t read it regularly as it is still just PR talk which I can get from a news site.

  2. The Renault one’s not bad, but again, it’s all PR fluff isn’t it? It would be far more interesting if there were an F1 mechanic or similar out there who blogged about F1 life from the inside. But I suspect they’re pretty busy!

    Thanks for the comment 8-)

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