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Find out what the British press made of the European Grand Prix in our media review.

HeadlineSchumacher’s home win closes gap
They say“[Alonso] lives in Oxford and goes on holiday to Wales, so he is not exactly geared to being windswept and interesting for the cameras.”
We sayBernie Ecclestone reckons Michael Schumacher was more interesting as a World Champion – but Schumacher lives in Switzerland which is hardly any more exciting.
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HeadlineSchumacher has the edge in game of cat and mouse
They say“It became clear that the red cars had a small but critical advantage all along.”
We saySpot on – this was a car superiority win, not a tactical win.
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HeadlineSchumacher shows old mettle to cap a pit-stop triumph
They say“‘I agree that we went too hard,’ said Martin Whitmarsh, the McLaren chief executive. ‘If we’d selected the right tyre from Michelin’s portfolio we [Raikkonen] could have beaten the Ferraris'”
We saySurprised that Whitmarsh thought McLaren were that close to winning – time will tell.
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HeadlineSchumacher breathes new life into title race
They say“Schumacher holds the key to the season. The championship is alive again, as is his future at Ferrari.”
We sayMichael Schumacher making a title race interesting? Never thought I’d see the day…
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HeadlineHamilton is a Brit tasty
They say“There was a Brit winner at the Nurburgring yesterday – but unfortunately it was not Jenson Button”
We sayMost papers picked up on Hamilton’s excellent GP2 win. But I don’t remember Adam Carroll getting the same coverage last year.

HeadlineSchu is coming for you Alonso
They say“Ferrari ace Schumacer harried Alonso for 36 laps before unleashing a volley of fastest laps”
We sayA bold attempt at making the race sound more interesting than it was.

HeadlineSchu is back in the old routine
They say“The tactical nous of Ross Brawn allied to Schumacher’s speed dished out a hard lesson to their rivals at Renault, cutting the Spaniard’s lead to 13 points with 13 rounds remaining.”
We saySchumacher’s championship chances aren’t as remote as Ferrari are playing them up to be.
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HeadlineSchumacher win sets up a real race
They say“Hamilton is next in line to carry the hopes of the nation”
We say“Hamilton is next in line to suffer undeserved fortnightly hammerings from the British tabloids”

HeadlineBritish blowouts – Button and Coulthard fail as Schumacher grabs win
They say“Coulthard’s race was very brief after slamming into Tonio Liuzzi.”
We sayDon’t let facts obstruct your desire to slate British talent boys! Of course, Coulthard wasn’t to blame for the Liuzzi crash, and Button wasn’t to blame for his engine failure, but let’s make out that it was anyway.

HeadlineSchuey is Euro star as Alonso loses grip
They say“Felipe Massa was in impressive form as the Ferrari driver claimed his first Formula One podium with third place.”
We sayHe may have only finished 4.4s behind Schumacher, but his fastest lap was exactly 1s slower.

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