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Yuji Ide, Super Aguri-Honda, San Marino, 2006Super Aguri driver Yuji Ide has had his FIA Superlicence formally revoked, ending any chance of him participating further in Formula One this year. Franck Montagny, who drove in his place at the European Grand Prix, will continue for the team in Spain this weekend.

Some have criticised the decision on the grounds that Ide was not given enough testing time by the team and has fared well in lower formulae, which is fair enough. But he was consistently well off the pace of team mate Takuma Sato and caused an entirely avoidable accident in San Marino.

But it begs the question why he was allowed the drive in the first place, and why Max Mosley was so quick to waive the supposedly harsh demands placed on new teams to let Aguri in. The value of their agreement to the Concorde Agreement at the time, and Honda’s gratitude, should not be underestimated.

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