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Yuji Ide, Super Aguri-Honda, Imola, 2006Super Aguri fans are phlegmatic about the predicament of Yuji Ide. Writing on one fan has admitted that Ide’s performances were disappointing and that he failed to resolve communication problems within the team. Ide has little to no English, and was forced to request setup changes via team boss Aguri Suzuki, which caused further problems.

They suggest a number of Japanese drivers better schooled in European motor sport who could take Ide’s place if the team decide to re-commit to a fully Japanese line-up and drop Franck Montagny:

Many Japanese young drivers, Hiroki Yoshimot (GP2), Kazuki Nakajima (F3), Kohei Hirate (F3), Kamui Kobayashi (F3)… play an active part in European motorsport this year. They make an effort towards their aim steadily. We Japanese motorsport fans hope a Formula One driver will appear from these young drivers in the near future.

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