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Average Qualifying PositionsFernando Alonso’s second pole position of the season means he is now the driver with the best average starting position. He demotes Jenson Button, whose eighth position on tomorrow’s grid is his worst of the season so far.

Alonso and Button are the only two drivers to have made it to the final part of every qualifying session this year. Juan Pablo Montoya failed to do so for the first time today.

At the other end of the field, neither Midland F1 nor Super Aguri have yet had a driver progress beyond the first part of qualifying. Scott Speed has only done so once, whereas Toro Rosso team mate Vitantonio Liuzzi has made it five times – a crucial distinction between two teammates towards the back of the grid.

Qualifying 2006 – how far the drivers progressed

DriverSession 3Session 2Session 1
Fernando Alonso600
Giancarlo Fisichella420
Kimi Raikkonen501
Juan Pablo Montoya510
Michael Schumacher510
Felipe Massa420
Ralf Schumacher411
Jarno Trulli420
Mark Webber510
Nico Rosberg150
Rubens Barrichello411
Jenson Button600
David Coulthard051
Christian Klien222
Nick Heidfeld330
Jacques Villeneuve240
Tiago Monteiro006
Christijan Albers006
Vitantonio Liuzzi051
Scott Speed015
Takuma Sato006
Yuji Ide004
Franck Montagny002

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