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The Schumacher controversy boiled away but the national press found plenty of other things to write about. Find out what in this weekend’s media review.

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Headline Kryptonite factor casts Schumacher as a villain
They say “There are no telephone booths in Monaco in sight of this legendary, twisting track along the shoreline of the principality, but Schumacher must have found one, twirled into his superhero guise and set off in pursuit of Alonso”
We say David Coulthard’s Superman cape was a gift for journos, wasn’t it?
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Headline Fortune favours Alonso after fiery Raikkonen attack goes up in smoke
They say “[Schumacher] benefited from the retirements, set the fastest lap after climbing up to challenge Barrichello in the closing stages for fourth place, and this time managed to negotiate Rascasse 78 times at high speed without once coming close to repeating his qualifying ‘error’.”
We say Martin Brundle said the same during the ITV commentary…hard to resist, really.
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Headline Schumacher is unrepentant as he fights from the back of the field
Schumacher shows his supreme gift but the stain on his name is indelible
Alonso’s disclipined pace proves decisive as Raikkonen and Webber fade away
Hamilton a pointer to the future for McLaren
They say “In terms of seeing a champion stoop to conquer, it was like watching a desperate Mike Tyson take a bite out of Evander Holyfield’s ear.”
We say Alonso would be best to keep his racing balaclava on at all times, then.
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Headline Bullish Coulthard back on podium
They say “David Coulthard brought some welcome humour on a dark weekend for Formula One.”
We say A dark weekend for Formula One, or a dark weekend for Michael Schumacher? Another blog had some thoughts on this.
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Headline Schu Fury: Angry Michael says sorry but hits out in cheat storm
Coult’s a kit of all right
They say “Finland’s 1992 world champ Keke Rosberg branded [Schumacher] a ‘cheap cheat'”
We say Remember The Sun’s campaign to stop Williams dropping champion Nigel Mansell in ’92? They don’t.
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Headline Superman returns to the podium
They say “The cape fitted for David Coulthard yesterday after he produced a super-hero’s performance.”
We say One of many to use the superhero angle. Bonus points for the podium picture!
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Headline The Foul Monte
Coul sparks naked leap
They say “It will no doubt hurt the German that a moment of madness destroyed his chance of matching Ayrton Senna’s record six wins here. The seventimes world champion started from the pit lane and put on another barnstorming performance to finish fifth to prove, yet again, that he paints in both black and white.”
We say It did look like he had the pace to win. Is Alonso’s speed getting to him?
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Headline I am not a cheat: Schumacher defends action as reputation slumps to an all-time low
Cheat tag will haunt sinister Schumacher
They say “At a sly touch of the brake and a sinister turn of the wheel, that glittering collection of seven world drivers’ championships has been dumped in the gutter of infmay. The title of rain meister…has been sluiced down the roadside drain.”
We say Sorry, but how precisely does his qualifying stunt have anything to do with driving in the wet?
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Headline Super villain is spoiled by Alonso
They say “Alonso somehow managed to keep a straight face – he had stretched his lead to 21 points over his evil rival.”
We say I think that’s still superhero analogies…
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