Zanardi to get BMW test?

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Rumour abounds that former Formula One driver Alessandro Zanardi will get to test a BMW F1 car later this year. Zanardi’s raced in Formula One from 1991-94 and made a failed comeback in 1999. He returned to Champ Cars, where he had earlier won two titles, but suffered a horrendous accident at the Lausitzring in 2001, losing both his legs and very nearly dying.

He now races for BMW in the World Touring Car Championship (pictured signing autographs at the last round in Brands Hatch) and won his first race in that category last year, when he also won the Italian Touring Car Championship. BMW have not confirmed the rumours, and it is to be assumed that if he did drive their F1.06 it would have to be modified as his regular 320si is.

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