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The 2005 Royal Television Sports Awards honoured ITV with two awards for their Formula One coverage, both connected to Martin Brundle’s excellent work as a presenter.

Brundle won the Best Sports Pundit award for the third time in his 10-year career brandishing a mircophone. The judges especially lauded his interview with Bernie Ecclestone at the farcical 2005 United States Grand Prix, which as we noted at the time was especially impressive.

The second award came for their F1 insight pieces, mainly on car mechanicals and aerodynamics. These short-lived features were some of the stronger parts of ITV’s coverage last year and it would be good to see their like again.

Congratulations to all at ITV, and here’s hoping they also win the soon-to-be-invented F1Fanatic Fan’s Award for Removing Commericals from Live Race Broadcasts in the near future.

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