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The UK Motor Sports Association have launched the National Motorsport Week which will take place from 12th-20th August 2006. Chief Executive of the MSA Colin Hilton said:

Motorsport is one of the UK’s greatest success stories. We can boast champions in almost every discipline and our reputation on the world stage is second to none. But domestically we face constant challenges in the development of the sport. We need to recruit fresh blood in terms of volunteers, spectators and participants.

National Motorsport Week will give the whole sport a perfect opportunity to attract new people to activities the length and breadth of the UK. The MSA will encourage its clubs, venues and events to run initiatives that maximise the benefit of the week. We really hope that everyone will get involved for the greater collective benefit of UK motorsport.

F1Fanatic agrees and wholeheartedly supports National Motorsport Week. For more information visit the website below.

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