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Formula One is up against the World Cup for national press attention this summer. On the face of it, it is going to have to entertain far better than it did at Silverstone to get a mention. Find out more in our post-race media review.

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Headline Alonso playing dominant role as the killjoy of Formula One
Trophy offers little consolation to Button
They say “Plenty of brain power, but not much action”
We say Sad though it is, you have to agree
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Headline Alonso pledges all-out attack after humbling pretenders to his crown
Button struggles to hide frustration as flags and fanfare lead only to failure
They say “Alonso was the nearest the crowd got to a home winner. He lives 20 miles away, in Oxford.”
We say True, but more people were cheering Lewis Hamilton
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Headline Alonso gets into the groove in his adopted home
Honda at crisis point as Button’s dreams go up in smoke
They say “The Honda drivers Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button endured some pre-race encouragement from the Kaiser Chiefs”
We say The F1 celebrity obsession is only made tolerable when the media make fun of it.
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Headline Technology overkill stifles the human race
They say “Silverstone looked a picture. The sun shone, the grandstands blazed with colour. The only element missing was a race. No blame attaches to the drivers…years of hand-wringing over the lack of spectacle and a raft of regulatory changes aimed at reversing the trend have brought us full circle.”
We say An excellent article, which the heads of the sport would do well to pick up.
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Headline Flaming disaster: Button’s dreams up in smoke as fans find a new Brit hero in rookie Hamilton Vill’s Schu rage
They say “One British star deservedly milked the applause from 80,000 fans. And then there was Jenson Button.”
We say Speaking of coming full circle – now it’s Hamilton’s turn to suffer the adulation of the British tabloids, shortly before he becomes their next whipping boy.
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Headline Button’s bid is up in smoke
They say “Button said, ‘I have to see a big ‘thanks’ to the fans. They definitely lifted me walking back in.'”
We say Far from deserting Button, I thought the British fans really appreciated the few laps of excellent driving we got to see from him.
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Headline Adopted son coasts home
Lewis steals the show as Button is burnt out
They say “Fernando Alonso at least ensured that one local lad finished the British Grand Prix with a smile”
We say The alternative approach to achieving national pride: claim individuals who are not from your country as your own.
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Headline Button gets smoked out
Hamilton in a hurry to step up
Schu’ve made me Jacques it in
They say “‘You looked sad, as if your parents had died – why?’ was the most bizarre question [of Alonso] from a foreign journalist.”
We say You see – that’s why ITV should let us see the post-race press conference in full…
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