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Two papers this morning followed up the British Grand Prix coverage with interviews with the two drivers most likely to make their debuts in F1 next year.

The Guardian picked Heikki Kovalainen, Renault’s test driver whom Nico Rosberg narrowly beat to the GP2 title last year. Kovalainen’s conventional racing credentials are strong (2004 World Series by Renault Champion, second in GP2 in 2005) but he is also well-remembered for knocking Michael Schumacher out of the 2004 Race of Champions at the Stade de France. “It wasn’t a serious event really, just a fun weekend where some Formula One drivers happened to be around,” he said.

British hope Lewis Hamilton features in the Independent. He is heir to Rosberg’s mantle at the ART team in GP2 and was the darling of the home crowd at Silverstone this year. Not surprisingly for the ‘Indie’, they took a look at motor sports’ admittedly dismal record of participation among non-whites. Both articles are worth a peek.

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