100 Greatest F1 Videos – Part I (100-91)

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Starting today F1Fanatic brings you the hundred best Formula One videos on the Internet. The growth of video sharing sites like Youtube and Google Video has made it easier than ever to find clips from some of the most exciting, shocking and important moments in F1 history.

Amazing passes, massive crashes, controversies and even the odd blunder – Formula One has it all. We start today with numbers 100-91, and another ten will be available every day. Click below to read on.

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100 – 2004 Bahrain Grand Prix – Fernando Alonso passes Felipe Massa

The 2004 Bahrain Grand Prix marked F1’s first foray into the Middle East. Although the Hermann Tilke-designed circuit has not been well received, the new market has welcomed Formula One as the number one sporting event on their calendar. And the track does allow for overtaking, as an on-form Alonso proved in 2004.

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99 – 2001 – Minardi 2-seater crash at Donington Park

It was supposed to be a gentle mock race to entertain some corporate sponsors. But Nigel Mansell got a little carried away and shunted his two-seater Minardi – plus passenger – into Fernando Alonso’s.

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98 – 1998 British Grand Prix, Silverstone – Michael Schumacher’s broken leg

Schumacher was trailling Mika Hakkinen in the championship standings when he broke his leg at Stowe corner in Siverstone in 1999. But who’s to say that without the injury and enforced absence he might not have beaten the Finn, and be an eight-times champion today?

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97 – 1985 Portuguese Grand Prix, Estoril – Ayrton Senna’s first Grand Prix win

Having been narrowly denied victory for Toleman in similarly wet conditions in Monaco the year before, Senna crushed the field at Estoril in 1985 in the pouring rain. He always said this win, in streaming rain with a turbo engine and no traction control, was superior to his more celebrated 1993 win at Donington Park.

96 – 1963 Oulton Park Gold Cup – lap with Jim Clark

The Gold Cup race at Oulton Park in Cheshire, Great Britain, was once run to Formula One specfications. Here Gold Cup winner Jim Clark laps the circuit fondly remembered as a ‘British mini-Nurburgring’.

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95 – 2002 Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka – lap with Takuma Sato

It’s sad to think that the awesome Suzuka (design by John Hugenholtz who also laid out the classic Zandvoort circuit) may be off the calendar in 2006. With that in mind, enjoy this lap with Japan’s favourite racing sun Takuma Sato. Here in 2002 he drove a magnificent qualifying lap, bravely catching high-speed oversteer at 130R (before the corner was made easier). In the race, he scored his first ever points with fifth place, and the locals went bananas.

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94 – 1994 German Grand Prix, Hockenheimring – first lap crash

Mika Hakkinen triggered a massive shunt on the first lap of the 1994 German Grand Prix which wiped out half the field. Incredibly, the race wasn’t stopped. But Hakkinen copped a race ban for the crash.

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93 – 1988 Portuguese Grand Prix, Estoril – the Senna-Prost war begins

The rivalry between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost had perceptibly heightened in 1988 – their McLaren-Hondas were the class of the field and it was usually the two of them out in front. Late in the season Senna was clearly ahead in terms of race wins, but Prost was closing in fast. Senna’s desperate attempt to keep Prost behind at Estoril – which ultimately failed – was a new high-water-mark of antagonism between the two. But it would rise much further the next year.

92 – 1990 Formula Three Macau Grand Prix – Schumacher and Hakkinen’s first battle

The two drivers who would bitterly dispute the 1998-2000 championships first crossed swords in Formula Three. To win the Macau Grand Prix outright Hakkinen only had to finish second to Schumacher. But Hakkinen chose to try to pass Schumacher on the final lap, and hit the back of his rival’s car. Many suggested that Schumacher had brake-tested the Finn, but the video evidence offered no proof.

91 – 1993 Portugese Grand Prix, Estoril – Gerhard Berger crashes

One of those moments from F1’s blooper reel – Berger’s active suspension failed pitching him sideways out of the pits. Of course, this could have been a far more serious accident and serves to underline how many lucky near-misses there were in the years between Elio de Angelis’ fatal crash in 1986, and Roland Ratzenberger’s in 1994.

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