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ITV will not be showing the Canadian Grand Prix qualifying session or race live on their only analogue TV channel, ITV1.

Qualifying will be live on digital channel ITV4 at 6pm on Saturday. It will be repeated on ITV1 at 00.45am. The race will be live on digital channel ITV2 at 5pm on Sunday. Only highlights will be shown on ITV1, at 1am on Monday morning. Large number of British television viewers do not have or cannot get digital reception.

Surprisingly the scheduling is nothing to do with the coincidence of the football World Cup. ITV1 are showing news and You’ve Been Framed (a home video clips programme) while the qualifying is on and the 1971 film Fiddler on the Roof during the race – hardly unavoidable clashes.

ITV have repeatedly let British Formula One fans down by missing out several minutes of each race to show advertisements (notoriously during the 2005 San Marino Grand Prix) and often fail to show sessions live (including this year during the Malaysian Grand Prix).

If you would like to complain to ITV you can contact them as follows:

  • Telephone: 0870 600 6766
  • E-mail:
  • Post: Duty Office, Gas Street, Birmingham, B1 2JT

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7 comments on “ITV1 not showing Canada live”

  1. According to the graphic near the end of the live British GP broadcast they will be showing the race live on ITV1.
    I have a screengrab of it here:
    So it’s all very strange.

  2. ‘Live race Sunday 10 June 1700-2000 ITV1’


  3. That’s the 2007 race. This piece was on the 2006 race (see the date at the top).

  4. Well guys….. I know its really bad not to have a live broadcast.. but there is one positive: not having to listen to Brundle’s petulancy and mediocre, biased commentary, and to his partner in the team…
    Any good commentators around?

  5. ITV1 is not channel, its a generic brand used by 12 ITV network companies

    ITV isn’t a company, its a tv network

    The address published above is the ITV plc duty office, who are simply an ITV contractor and sports provider, they have no control over ITV network broadcasts. They are the company who operate 12 of the ITV network channels and ITV2,3 and 4

    If you want to complain, you need to contact ITV network Ltd who are based at London Weekend Televisions London Television Centre

  6. I actually found your post to be quite entertaining; thanks alot and keep it up.;-)

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