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ITV have changed their television line-up for Sunday evening and will now show the Canadian Grand prix live on ITV1. However, live qualifying will only be on the digital channel ITV4.

F1Fanatic would like to apologise for the eight hours of downtime experienced yesterday due to a server fault. This caused the postponement of part four of our Top 100 F1 Videos feature, which will be uploaded along with part five later this evening.

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2 comments on “ITV1 will show Canada”

  1. Mike Channon
    23rd June 2006, 18:55

    I have for some time been very frustrated by the showing of adverts during live coverage – imagine if this happened with football matches. Are there any running protests/campaigns to rectify this or is it just the fruitless effort of e-mailing the ITV duty desk?

  2. I certainly think there should be a campaign if no-one has started one yet. In the meantime I would keep complaining to ITV after every show. Perhaps there’s scope for making a formal complaint to OfCom – that might be the best way of going about it.

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