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Buried under reams and reams off stuff about the World Cup, and now further obscured from sight by speculation on what the Wimbledon tennis tournament would be like if it ever stopped raining, the post-race Formula One coverage is getting squeezed in all the newspapers.

So what did we think of the little there was? Read on to find out.

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HeadlinePeerless Alonso proves streets ahead yet again
They say“Alonso did not even require the help of Giancarlo Fisichella, his Renault team-mate, who had been expected to hold up the field while the reigning world champion shot off from pole, only to make a complete hash of Flavio Briatore’s plan at the first available opportunity. But then Alonso is so good that he does not need favours from friends.”
We saySounds like a guarded stab at Schumacher

HeadlineAlonso holds off Schumacher in tough battle
They say“The first safety car came after Juan Pablo Montoya tipped rookie Nico Rosberg into a shunt on the second lap.”
We sayCouldn’t disagree more with the placing of blame there.

HeadlineAlonso wins final sprint to line after crash interrupts Canadrian cruise
They say“To confound [Kimi Raikkonen]’s disappointment, MIchael Schumacher forced his Ferrari past the McLaren-Mercedes on the penultimate lap.”
We sayYou have to say Raikkonen didn’t seem all that bothered afterwards.

HeadlineAlonso makes it four in a row
They say“Alonso is as adept as England’s footballers at draping a wet blanket over a spectacle. The difference is in the manner of delivery.”
We sayIf Alonso were a football team, he’d be Brazil.

HeadlineDone ‘n duested: Alonso cleans up again
They say“Fernando Alonso was gifted victory in the Canadian Grand Prix after Kimi Raikkonen’s pit-stop calamity.”
We sayIf Raikkonen had gone into the second stint ahead of Alonso, that would have been some battle.

HeadlineAlonso so cool
They say“With his rear-gunner [Fisichella] cut adrift, Alonso was in the sights of Raikkonen.”
We sayRenault had said before the race that their drivers were free to race each other.

HeadlineAlonso set to join magnificent seven
They say“So much for Ferrari’s pre-race optimism that they could loosen Renault’s hold on the championship. So much for Michael Schumacher’s record seven victories on this gruelling circuit.So much for any lingering chance of a genuine contest for motor racing’s greatest crown.”
We sayHow was that not a genuine contest?

HeadlineAlonso dirty work keeps him on track
They say“The Spaniard showed why he and Renault have proved so unbeatable so far this season in stifling heat and atrocious track conditions.”
We sayStrange choice of headline

HeadlineAlonso holds all aces after another flier
They say“Button had more bad news when Ferrari technical director Ross Brawn warned the 26-year-old he is three years from reaping the benefit of technical director Geoff Willis being replaced by new man Shuhei Nakamoto.”
We sayI thought that was an odd remark from Brawn – Williams dropped Willis in ’02 and the next year won a brace of races and have been champions. Technical continuity isn’t all down to one man these days.

HeadlineAlonso is too hot to handle in Montreal
They say“Fisichella overcame a drive-through penalty to take fourth.”
We sayIt seemed to me he was fifth after the penalty, so he didn’t do all that much ‘overcoming’. He was around three-quarters of a second off Alonso’s pace much of the time.

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