United States Grand Prix 2006 Media Review

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Formula One coverage is still being squashed by World Cup and Wimbledon repors. We size up the write ups in our media review.

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Headline No face lane in Schumacher show
They say “A consummate display [by Schumacher] at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, abetted by the canniness of Massa.”
We say Canniness? Servitude.

Headline Button’s nightmare continues as Ferrari dominate
They say “The race proved to be a demonstration run for the two Ferraris… [the] event only marginally less processional than the six car fiasco which was dominated with similar ease by the famous Italian team 12 months ago.”
We say This piece was particularly difficult to find among the football coverage.

Headline Perfect weekend for football fan Schumacher
They say “It was clear all weekend that Bridgestone had the stronger tyre.”
We say The championship hinges on whether it was a one-off or a turning point.

Headline Schumacher in the picture again after Alonso trails in
They say “When the force is with him, Michael Schumacher proved as adept as Zinedine Zidane.”
We say The Telegraph reached for the football analogies last week too!

Headline Schuey ain’t finished yet
They say “Red Bull gives you wings… Red Bull’s Christian Klien takes flight during the first-corner shunt.”
We say I wonder if they ration how often they let themselves use that pun.

Headline Schuey cuts to the chase
They say “[Schumacher’s] hopes of a repeat victory were looking dodgy as Massa continued to hold him off.”
We say Yeah. Right.

Headline High-five Schu back on track
They say “Nothing could match the significance of an incident-strewn afternoon in helping to sell Formula One to the mega-money market place of America.”
We say Really most of the race was quite dull and uneventful.

Headline Schu’s catching up
They say “Publicly, Michelin denied adopting a conservative approach this year but few doubted Bridgestone and Ferrari came to Indy with moe scope to push the envelope.”
We say That was they key to the race.

Headline A schu-nited states win!
They say “The first bend resembled a wreckers yard.”
We say Not much to report on from this disappointingly brief piece.

Headline Schumacher holds his nerve as first-lap crash wipes out field
They say “Massa, celebrating his best result in Formula One, led until the first set of pit stops.”
We say Another short piece – thoroughly relegated to second place by their coverage of the Donington Park Moto GP.

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