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The British newspapers marked the continuation of Michael Schumacher’s title assault – and the resurgence of Jenson Button. Find out more in our media review.

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HeadlineSchumacher hands out fresh blow to Alonso
They say“The day could have turned out a lot better for [Raikkonen] had not a jammed rear wheel nut delayed his first stop”
We sayI don’t think he could have challenged the Ferraris.


HeadlineSchumacher takes his title challenge up a gear as chapion falters
They say“Both title contenders were wrong-footed in their attempts to take the top spot on the starting grid. Raikkonen, his silver McLaren dancing from kerb to kerb, came from nowhere to finish 0.2s faster than Schumacher.”
We sayBut that was down to nothing but Raikkonen having ten laps’ less fuel on board than Schumacher – qualifying was entertaining but somewhat contrived.


HeadlineSchumacher win leaves worried Alonso looking in rear-view window
They say“At this rate Michael Schumacher and Ferrari will be heading the world championships by their home race in Monza in September.”
We sayIf not sooner.


HeadlineSchumacher accelerates his retirement chase
Button finds cure in racy sojourn
They say“Button even pledged to shed the beard he has been cultivating… no bad thing.”
We sayHear, hear.


HeadlineIt’s a Schu in
Button at the front
They say“Button, 26, dropped from fourth to sixth at the start but powered his way past BOTH Renault drivers.”
We sayNot that we saw much of that on ITV, but more of that later.


HeadlineIt’s time for Schu final lap
They say“Michael Schumacher’s manager last night insisted he should quite Formula One if he ends the season with an eighth drivers’ title.”
We saySo that’s what the headline meant.


HeadlineSuper Schu hot on Alonso’s tail
Oops! German TV takes finger off the Button.
They say“Britain’s much-maligned finest deserves some sympathy that on a day when he fund himself whizzing past just about everyone… ITV missed most of what could have become rare footage.”
We sayThe race direction (which isn’t ITV’s responsibility, as the article later states) wasn’t great. As for Button being ‘much-maligned’ – that’s mainly in the pages of the Mail!


HeadlineSchuey’s going to win the title then quit F1
Button’s back in business
They say“This was another victory for a man with a superior car and a team mate, Felipe Massa, who has already admitted it is his job to finish second.”
We sayWhen you put it that way, it doesn’t make F1 look very good.

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