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Formula One explodes across the nation’s newspapers and all the stories are about one man – Jenson Button. The Times, Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Metro even put him on the cover!

More on the biggest F1 story for the nationals this year in our media review.
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Headline113th time lucky for the boy racer (cover)
Button ends long wait to find formula for success
Swashbuckling Briton breaks his duck in breathtaking style
Unfulfilled talent finally manages to silence his critics
They say“A superb demonstration of seat-of-the-pants driving in dangerous and difficult conditions where Button’s skill was for once more important than the relative speed of his car.”
We sayFormula One must give drivers to demonstrate those skills in every race.

HeadlineVictory for Button (cover)
Button holds nerve to win first Grand Prix
Button’s classical style comes to the front at last
Schumacher edges closer in weekend of drama
They say“Now the pressure – to repeat the win on a day when his rivals do not play into his hands.”
We sayAnd to do everything in his power to ensure that next year’s Honda is not a lemon.

HeadlineButton shines to beat ifs, buts and all-comers
They say“It was a goulash of a race that Fernando Alonso should have, and Pedro de la Rosa might have won.”
We sayWhat about Kimi Raikkonen, Giancarlo Fisichella or Rubens Barrichello? But bonus point for unconventional use of the word’ goulash’.

Headline113th time lucky
Button savours the ‘wow factor’ of first win
Wet weather and tyre tactics dictate an extaordinary race
Talent finally given its due as tears flow
They say“Just as Heidfeld finally appeared to have made a move stick, however, Schumacher slowed. ‘A track rod broke as Heidfeld went past,’ he said, as though it were a product of divine intervention rather than collateral damage.”
We sayCouldn’t help laughing at that!

HeadlineJenson on the Button at last
I’m so numb with joy
They say“He’s already an 8-1 shot to be voted the BBC’s sports personality of the year.”
We sayCall me cynical but I don’t think it wuld be the highlight of his year.

HeadlineAfter 112 races and six years of failure… Jenson’s done it!
Wonderboy a winner
Now we can all fall in love with playboy Jenson
Moment of glory brings out the cowgirl in Louise
They say“Anthony Hamilton, the Honda test driver and team-mate of Button, added his slant on proceedings. ‘Yes, yes, yes, ‘ he declared. ‘I can’t believe I was in the commentary box for this. Martin Brundle, what have you done?'”
We sayAnthony Hamilton? And ‘Six years of failure’?

HeadlineAfter 113 races, six and a half years, 17,681, 5,836 laps… I’VE WON
Well done my Jenson
Button long wait over
Partying with tea in China
The tradition of great Brits
They say“While the other drivers had their dramas, Button was flawless, faultless and utterly brilliant.”
We sayNice headline – not that they’ve been counting or anything…

HeadlineOn the Button
Button has extra hoarse power
Dream some true for the eight year-old
Jenson: At last I’ve won
They say“Schumacher got the last laugh after driving brilliantly when his tyres were worn smooth at the end. And it was only a broken part which made the Ferrari undriveable.”
We sayThink the Telegraph (above) saw through that one…

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