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A round-up of Formula One news and comment from around the world this week. (All links external)

F1: Letta, Errani and Imola Mayor to meet 6 Sept for Grand Prix – The Italian government are atteding crisis talks to save the San Marino Grand Prix. The ‘San Marino’ round of the championship is traditionality held in Italy rather than the tiny principality it is named for to give the Ferrari-mad Tifosi an extra race each year.

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone omitted Imola from the provisional 2007 calendar revealed this week but left a three-week gap between rounds three and four in which the San Marino race usually falls. He will be present at the talks involving Imola mayor Massimo Marchignoli and deputy secretary to the cabinet Enrico Letta.

Green Goes Mean? Motorsports Firms to Build Hybrid F1 CarJalopnik describe N.Technology’s NT01 single-seater as a ‘hybrid F1 car’. The racer wil actually form the basis of a new support series to the World Touring Car Championship.

F1 Racing… for realMotoring iAfrica journalist Jesse Adams tries out Honda’s Racing for Real programme.

Spyker in F1 bid – MidlandF1 rumour of the week: Dutch sports car manufacturer Spyker are will take over and re-brand the team, according to Car online.

F1 exit to benefit Michelin’s Moto GP teams? – Michelin quitting F1 is good news for their Moto GP teams who will benefit from the relocation of resources within the Clemont-Ferrand tyre firm. Michelin reiterated their disinterest in supplying rubber for one-tyre-make series, which F1 will become from 2008, and had earlier left the World Superbike championship for the same reason.

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