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Max MosleyOur weekly round-up of F1 stories and features from around the world. A 100% guaranteed Schumacher retirement speculation-free zone. (All links external).

New F1 business magazine to be launched (Pitpass) – Grand Prix: The Business of Motorsport, edited by Christian Sylt and Caroline Reid, will commence publication during the last quarter of 2006. Isn’t the end of a Grand Prix season an unusual time to launch such a publication?

Regardless, the project has the support of Max Mosley, who said:

The FIA is glad that this important matter will be dealt with in a responsible manner which will clearly be of benefit to the entire sport.

It doesn’t take a wild imagination to think this could be a dig at BusinessF1, the four-year-old Formula One business publication whose editor, Tom Rubython, has lost several court cases relating to the publication and regularly attacks Mosley in its pages.

The Big Interview: Jenson Button (The Times) – Probing interview with the British star, with plenty of attention on why modern Formula One drivers are notoriously bad interview subjects…

Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Imola, 2006As Alonso-Schumacher race tightens, beware dirty tricks (International Herald Tribune) – Speculation on how the 2006 title battle could turn nasty, with some good quotes from other drivers.

Swimming organisers avoid F1 clash (ABC Sport) – Take that, swimmers! The always-thrilling Melbourne World Swimming Championships makes way for the 2007 Formula One season opener.

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