Dubious rule scuppers Alonso

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Fernando Alonso has been demoted to tenth on the grid for allegedly impeding Felipe Massa.

Alonso was running ahead of Massa in the dying moments of the session. When Alonso crossed the line to start his second flying lap he only had two seconds to spare before the end of qualifying. Massa was completing his lap. Had Alonso backed off, there is no question that Alonso would not have been able to set a time.

The penalty regarding the rules may have been correctly enforced regarding Massa. But had Alonso obeyed the rule he would have compromised his own qualifying session, when it was Massa’s fault that he was stuck behind Alonso on the track to begin with.

It’s very disappointing that such a contentious ruling has affected the championship battle so severely.

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2 comments on “Dubious rule scuppers Alonso”

  1. I can just imagine the reaction if Schumi would have done it , but as they say rules are rules , and just because Massa was at the wrong place doesnt give Alonso the liberty to strech ’em a little.

  2. Ankit, if watch at the videos you will have no doubt. Is an incredible decision. They are more as 100 meter distance. More incredible if you compare it with the previous race where Pedro de la Rosa was really impeded in calification by another car, and the cars where really close. And more incredible if you see the start of the previous race (how Schumi changes the direction for three times risking the security of the others), not to speak about other strange things in the last weeks. You cannot decide a championship so.

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