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A once-in-a-decade weekend for Formula One as the most successful driver in the sport today – and of all time – retires. Take a look at how the British press reacted to the retirement of Michael Schumacher.

Formula One should get this much coverage every Grand Prix weekend…

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Headline Schumacher pulls over for charity
Schumacher walks away with win
Schumacher heads for the exit with one last drivers’ title in his sights
Schumacher legend will be tainted by mistakes
No sport has seen a harder worker than man who got Ferrari in shape
They say “He has kept celebrity magazines at arm’s length and his donations would have gone almost unnoticed but for research by BusinessF1 magazine. They found that Schumacher had contributed to the building of hospitals, orphanages and schools.”
We say James Allen concludes his piece: “Will history revere his prowess or judge his harshly for his weaknesses? I think the former.”

Headline World championship fixed, say Briatore
Schumacher win brings eighth and final title closer
New role at Ferrari in the offing
Virtuoso and villain, this champion combined cheap tactics with raw genius
They say “He overstayed his welcome by a year, maybe two.”
We say The Guardian gave prominence to the Renault backlash

Headline Flawed genius Schumacher calls yime on brilliant career
Alonso’s grip on title weakened after Ferrari win
Gifted and ruthless soulf of Formula One, where winning, fair or foul, is everything
‘He’s been the author of a unique chapter in the history of Formula One’
They say “There was a subtle but perceptible cooling of Schumacher’s elation when he was embraced by the Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo. This inevitably triggered fresh suspicion that Schumacher had been made fretful by the Italian team’s rush to sign Kimi Raikkonen.”
We say It has a credible ring, but it will be some time before anyone knows if it is true. He certainly had no compunction about snuggling up to Raikkonen on the podium.

Headline Schumacher exits at peak of his powers
Tifosi pay homage to their German master
Hamilton on course for F1
They say “Even in his home town of Krakow, Kubica’s momentous performance was a footnote on a day as portentous as this.”
We say As the old generation departs, the new breed take over.

Headline A golden goodbye
Lewis passes toughest test
They say “The hottest talent in motorsport picked up ?ܣ66,000 after becoming the first Brit since Justin Wilson in 2001 to win the F1 feeder series crown.”
We say That’s not Fernando Alonso or Michael Schumacher, of course – That’s Lewis Hamilton.

Headline Schuey quits in triumph
They say “Schumacher said he took the decision to retire after winning at Indianapolis in July.”
We say Intriguingly, that was when he first looked like winning the title…

Headline Goodbye from him
Triumphant to the last
Hamilton lined up to partner Alonso
They say “The Spaniard, who retired with an engine failure, said: ‘I don’t consider Formula One to be a sport any longer’. On another day, that would have been some story.”
We say It was no fit of pique though – he was standing by his remarks this morning.

Headline Schuey to go out at top
Emotions spill over for Schuey
“Winning here was amazing”
Hamilton waiting
They say “His desire to win has always been chased closely by a fear of losing and a love of his family.”
We say The Express gave it the most meagre coverage – one page, scarcely any more than usual.

Headline Bubbly & strife
Walker: he is great survivor
They say “In reality the German was undecided and Ferrari railroaded him into a decision by signing Kimi Raikkonen.”
We say The Mirror ‘predicted’ Shumacher’s retirement on September 7th.

Headline Now is the right time to go, says Schuey
Schuey: I can’t be another also-ran
Briatore fumes at ‘fixed title race’
They say “Ninety wins into his career, Micael Schumacher has decide to quit.”
We say I always thought he’d make it past one hundred. But for 2005, he probably would have.

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