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Good news for Ron Dennis: Spyker, the new owners of the former Midland F1 team, have repainted the team’s cars in a suitably Dutch shade of orange.

The old Midland F1 paint scheme looked like a cheap knock-off of McLaren’s gorgeous reflective chrome finish. Now it looks more like a cross between last year’s Dutch A1 Grand Prix car and the new Champ Car Panoz. Have a look at the new style Midland in the gallery below.

New Spyker F1 team paint scheme

Old Midland F1 team paint scheme

Current McLaren paint scheme

2005 A1 Grand Prix Netherlands car

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8 comments on “Gallery: Spyker show their colours”

  1. Новая раскраска Spyker MF1…

    Команда Spyker MF1 представила новую раскраску своих автомобилей


    1. Новая раскраска Spyker MF1…

  2. Funnily enough, I think the new Spyker livery looks quite a lot like the orange livery McLaren sometimes use on their test cars.

    1. Whilst Midland’s precedent livery had completely nothing to do with McLaren. Clearly different. The only McLaren clone will be the 2008 Force India.

  3. Good point!

    1. The 2007 Spyker will look more so, not having the silver.

  4. The orange-and-silver combimation looks cool to me. The car will definitely stand out among those familiar blue, red and white cars on F1.

  5. aguante adrian sutil ARRIBA URUGUAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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