ITV drop live qualifying again

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With just three crucial qualifying sessions and three vital races left in 2006, British viewers won’t get to see at least one of them, thanks to ITV.

Even though the qualifying session at Shanghai in China will be taking place very early in the morning in British time, ITV are not showing it live.

The company runs the terrestrial ITV1 and digital ITV2 and ITV3 channels (ITV4 not being on air during the qualifying), but apparently cannot find room in their schedules for this vital part of the championship.

Yet again, ITV are treating British F1 fans with total contempt.

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6 comments on “ITV drop live qualifying again”

  1. well i live in oz and we only get qualifying here when the race is in melb!
    any other race we get a 30secs brief overview only shoing cars crossing the line and then a 5mins review of mark webbers weeks between races!

  2. lewis hamilton,lewis hamilton,thats all they’re interested in,most drivers interveiws cut short after he has spoken never mind we might support someone else from other teams.adverts kill the coverage,commentators are useless yes itv coverage really hacks me off!!

  3. In every t.v. magazine or website i read to check the listing so i could watch the grand prix itr said 12 noon itv 1. it wasn’t it was on itv 1 london which i found with 20 laps left, pathetic really as the wales rugby match was on both itv and itv 4.

  4. we want to see..not just the quals and race but want to see the practice sessions as well…all teams…all drivers…not asking for too much….giz a job:)

  5. The reply to the comments about ITV, at least they give more information than BBC ever did, yes the adverts are a bit of a pain, but fair play.

  6. Not that impressed with ITV’s coverage. It’s very biased towards the top teams and drivers. If Lewis Hamilton coughs Martin Brundle and James Allen concoct a 5 minute of banter on how that could effect his championship chances.

    Also adverts, why have them during a race. If ITV can go for 90 minutes of play without advertising why cant they do the same for F1.

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