Renault’s wheel man moved

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Fernando Alonso, Renault, Shanghai, 2006The mechanic who has apparently cost Fernando Alonso fifteen championship points has been moved in a ‘reshuffle’ of the pit lane crew according to Renault.

It is not clear whether the mechanic who dropped a wheel nut during a pit stop at the Chinese Grand Prix, costing Alonso a potential win, is the same person who placed the wheel nut on Alonso’s car at the Hungarian Grand Prix, which promptly fell off, costing Alonso a very likely win.

But the fact that Renault are changing their crew suggests very strongly that it was the same person…

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  • 2 comments on “Renault’s wheel man moved”

    1. Pitpass says that it’s Reanult’s nineteenth such reshuffle in seventeen races. If you ask me, surely the reshuffles themselves are causing the problems. Surely nobody is getting adequate time to get used to their job.

    2. Sounds like they have some sort of policy of rotating the pit stop crew? That seems very odd.

      But not half as odd as getting a journalist in to do it, as Midland did a few races back…

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