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In this week’s round-up of F1 stories – Turkey put themselves back in the firing line for an even bigger fine, Honda poach the Emirates and everyone is putting their money on Michael Schumacher. Read on for more… (all links external)

Turkey appeals against record F1 fineReuters confirm that the Turkish Grand Prix organisers reckon they can wriggle out of their $5 million fine for bringing the sport into disrepute.

This concerns the scene on the podium at this year’s Turkish Grand Prix when Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat was presented on the podium as the leader of the ?????ǣTurkish Republic of Northern Cyprus?????? – a ‘state’ no other country recognises because the Turks seized it by force three decades ago.

It reminds me of Eddie Irvine’s appeal against his one-race ban in 1994 which was swiftly turned into a three-race ban. Let’s hope the Turkish organisers have $15 million to spare (that’s 41.4 million Turkish Lira).

Punters unable to dismiss Michael Schumacher for F1 titlereadabet.com report that the odds on Schumacher winning the 2006 championship are shortening. Fernando Alonso’s may be a worthless 1:20 but Schumacher’s has slipped from 9:1 to 8:1.

Cynics can get 20:1 on Felipe Massa and Alonso being involved in a race-ending incident and there’s 33:1 on the same for Ralf Schumacher and Alonso. No word on the odds for “Alonso sent back ten places on the grid for not blocking Massa in qualifying.”

F1 race hope for Ant – Which Hemel Hempstead F1 racer has a chance at finally bagging an F1 race seat? That’s right it’s Anthony Davidson. (Source: Hemel Hempstead Today)

McLaren set to add, and lose, Formula One sponsor – Just as McLaren have nabbed Vodafone from Ferrari (and, for that matter, Manchester United) so they are now set to lose Emirates to Honda, according to auto123.

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