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Pole PositionSir Stirling Moss and David Coulthard will be appearing in Oxford Street, London tomorrow (Tuesday 17th October) to promote Coulthard’s ‘Pole Position’ line in men’s fragrances and shaving accessories. The British racers are apparently, “just two of the celebrity drivers that will be chauffeured to the store in one million pounds-worth of supercars.”

Others expected to attend include Andy Priaulx (2005 World Turing Car Champion), Matt Neal (2005 and 2006 British Touring Car Champion), James Thompson (2002 and 2004 British Touring Car Champion) and Scott Gibbs (Not sure. Ah, here we go: “former rugby player who represented Wales and Great Britain”. Thanks, Wikipedia.)

Regular readers may have noticed the adverts for Coulthard’s range on the pages of this site. In case you didn’t know Pole Position is the “ultimate expression of masculine confidence and passion, designed by winners for winners.” And if that’s not enough:

Every retail box also carries a competition entry form to win an amazing ???20,000 day out for 2 in Monaco and experience a day in the life of an F1 driver; fly to Nice, Helicopter round to Monaco, lunch with David Coulthard then super yacht back to the airport for the flight home – this is the stuff dreams are made of!

That’s some big promises for a funny-flavoured shaving cream. Get down to Superdrug’s Oxford Street branch at 11.30 tomorrow morning if star spotting’s your thing…

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