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Michelin F1 tyreIn our weekly round-up of top F1 posts don’t miss the excellent Hallowe’en special on lost tracks at Blog F1. Plus, more on the tyre war plus an early look at the first Formula One game for the Playstation 3.

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Halowe’en special: Ghost tracks – The lost worlds of motor racing – A brilliant feature from Oliver White at BlogF1, looking back at some of the most historic – and obscure – circuits that have fallen into disuse. Top stuff!

Why I’m glad to see the back of the tyre war – Another good feature from Doctorvee, this one on the tyre war – but I have an obvious vested interest in plugging this particular piece…

Formula One Championship 2006 – The chariots of fire screenshots – Some early pictures from the Playstation 3 version of F1 06. It will have to be substantially better than the PS2 version, which we reviewed a few months ago (below).

Talladega Nights – Goofy fun – Reel life with Jane take a look at the Will Ferrell film featuring Sacha Baron-Cohen as a “Formula Uhn.” By ‘goofy fun’ we think she means ‘asinine twaddle’.

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