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In this week’s round-up of F1 stories: good news and bad news for Australian F1 fans, Red Bull juggle their engines, and one very famous name is set to make a return.

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Red Bull Racing to switch to Renault engines for F1’s ’07 season – Red Bull have managed to get Ferrari to agree to let them shuffle their engine arrangements for 2007. Red Bull will run Renault engines and Toro Rosso will get the Ferraris. But will the late confirmation have already hampered their chassis preparations for next year? (Source: Auto Racing).

Senna wants to enter F1 in 2009 – The late Ayrton Senna’s nephew Bruno, who raced in British Formula Three this year, is eyeing an entry into F1 in three years’ time. Two years’ GP2 and one year testing then?

Aussie GP ‘won’t miss’ V8s – Ron Walker, the organiser of the Australian Grand Prix, reckons the loss of the supporting V8 supercars will not bother most fans. Given the hundreds of thousands of Australians that go to see the V8 racers, it’s hard to agree with him.

Aussie F1 GP to sell women cheap tickets – But there’s good new for Australian F1 fans too – well, at least for the women…

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