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In our weekly round-up of F1 headlines today we have Williams’ ironic signing of Kazuki Nakajima, Bernie Ecclestone pushing a shared British and French Grand Prix, and David Coulthard diversifying into TV broadcasting.

Read on for more from this week’s news. (All story links external)

Williams sign Nakajima as test driver – Kazuki Nakajima, son of former F1 racer Satoru, will join Narain Karthikeyan as a Williams test driver next year, in a move rich in irony.

How so? Because Frank Williams refused to take Saturo Nakajima into his team in 1988 to partner Nigel Mansell, and lost the supply of Honda engines as a result. Honda, with McLaren, won championships for the next four years.

Kazuki Nakajima will drive Williams cars powered by engines from Honda’s arch-rival Toyota. (Source: Eurosport.com)

Down with the penalty shootout and let the ‘games won’ column decide – Richard Williams argues in The Guardian in favour of deciding championships by most wins, just as F1Fanatic argued here, here and here.

New threat to British Grand Prix – Now Bernie Ecclestone thinks Britain and France might share their Grand Prix. I think it’s safe to say this is Bernie’s trademark humour at work… (Source: BBC Sport)

Watkins to address engineering conference – Former F1 doctor Professor Sid Watkins will deliver the keynote lecture at the SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference & Exhibition in Michigan next month.

Watkins’ tireless efforts to improve safety at F1 races and medical provisions at tracks saved untold number of drivers from serious injury or worse. (Source: Motorsport.com)

Rossi gets to grips with Hakkinen’s DTM Mercedes He may have lost the Moto GP championship but Valentino Rossi still has an appetite for four-wheeled fun. In addition to competing in the X Rally he also tried out a DTM Mercedes just as Damon Hill did a few months back. (Source: Reuters)

The Race: Who wants to be a racing driver? I do??????Crash.net reports on the new Sky One series that pitches D-list celebrities against each other in teams headed by David Coulthard and Eddie Irvine.

I won’t bore you with the long list of expletives necessary to describe how poor it is, suffice to say it makes Talladega Nights look like Troi Couleurs Bleu.

More of a dark horse than a Red Bull – Alan Henry in The Guardian talks up Red Bull’s chances in 2007.

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