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In this week’s round-up of F1 headlines the big story is peace in our time as the manufacturers and FIA lay down their arms in the battle for the future of F1.

Also, Kazuki Nakajima is already coveting a race seat for next season, and Bahrain and Australia anticipate fleecing and giving discounts to F1 visitors, respectively. (All news links external)

FIA and car manufacturers agree F1 deal – The biggest news of the week was of course that the manufacturers have formally ended their war with FIA President Max Mosley.

It pins down the future direction of the technical regulations as well as the thorny matter of distribution of income between the teams. (Source: The Guardian)

Grand Prix to rely on pull of F1 cars – It’s women and children first at the Australian Grand Prix next year as the organisers are cutting ticket prices for them having lost the pull of the Australian V8 series. (Source: The Age)

Nakajima eyes F1 seat in 2007 – Having just become test driver for Williams now Toyota-backed Kazuki Nakajima wants a race drive too in 2007. As we noted last week, a similar situation happened with his father at Williams 20 years ago… (Source: The Star)

Hotels urged ‘don’t rip off F1 fans!’ – Hotels near the Bahrain International Circuit are being asked not to fleece F1 fans at next year’s race. Prices inflated by 150% are not unheared of when F1’s in town. (Source: Gulf Daily News)

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