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In this week’s round-up of stories in the F1 blogs there’s scepticism on the FIA and GPMA announcement, speculation on the return of Mika Hakkinen, anticipation for the return of Spa-Francorchamps next year and incredulity at the Dubai F1 Theme Park.

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Get ready for an Ecco-friendly F1 carFull Throttle are deeply sceptical about Max Mosley’s plans for the ‘green’ F1 car of the future: “If Max thinks these changes will maintain F1’s ?????ǣrelevance?????? in the 21st century he’s smokin’ some seriously strong crack.” Quite.

FIA / GPMA and rule making – More reaction to Mosley buddying up to manufacturers from the excellent Motor Racing Journal. What are the consequences of the changes for safety in F1? Will the new status quo lead to better governance of the sport? And is it right to effectively exclude the teams from the decision-making process?

I could cry – revisions to the bus stop chicane – Clinton Bowen at Linksheaven is worried about changes to Spa-Francorchamps’ bus stop chicane ahead of its reintroduction to the F1 calendar in 2007. As long as the leave the rest of the magnificent circuit as it is it won’t be too bad.

The top 25 racetracks – Spa also features highly in The Fastest Lap’s feature on the best racing tracks in the world.

The return of Mika (maybe)Pitbitch comments on the speculation that Mika Hakkinen will return to F1, having left in 2001, to partner Fernando Alonso at McLaren.

The Magical World of F1 – Chris at the Daily F1 Blog is unsure about the new Dubai F1 theme park.

Five success lessons from Formula OneMotivation Today take a long hard look at how Michael Schumacher kept himself at the top of F1 for so long.

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